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A mother leaves her child and home and leads a band of rebels inflicting her own justice, while struggling to make it up to the male world of 19th century.


Roumena is a tortured mother forced to abandon her child and home leads a band of rebels and inflicts her own justice while struggling to make it up to the men’s world of 19th century. “Voevoda” means rebels-leader, commander, guardian and tells a true story, based on witness accounts.


Through rough and raw cinematic narrative the film strives for authenticity imposing the question how cruel humans are to the ones who are different. A woman ahead of her time, Roumena pushes relationships beyond the obvious religious, cultural and gender limits.

The film features many nonprofessional actors, the writer/director/producer playing the lead role and her daughter playing the younger Roumena.


MQ Pictures with the support of Bulgarian National Film Center

in co-production with Focus Media with the support Croatian Audiovisual Centre,

in coproduction with Nu Boyana Film, Dream Team Films and with the support of NOVA TV.


Main Actors: Zornitsa Sophia, Valeri Yordanov, Goran Gunchev, Vladimir Zombori, Leart Dokle,

                 Petar Genkov, Dimitar Selenski and introducing Niki Amrita Nikolay.

Supporting Actors: Aleksandar Aleksiev, Tzveta Baliyska,  Mariana Krumova, Valentin Tanev, Yulian Kovalevski, Dimitar Trokanov, Raicho Gunchev, Petar Kalchev and Petar Stoev

Director of Photography: Krum Luis-Alirio Rodriguez

Edit: Victoria Radoslavova

Costume Designer: Marta Mironska

Production Designer: Irena Muratova

Music: Kayno Yesno Slonce

Composer: Darko Markovic

Sound: Dubravka Premar, Petar Kralev, Ivo Natzev, Ivan Andreev

Producer: Zornitsa Sophia Popgantcheva

Co-producers: Irena Markovic, Yariv Lerner, Evtim Miloshev, Gabriel Georgiev, Ivan Spassov,

                      Lubomir Neikov

Executive Producers: Mila Kirova and Petar Minchev - Gushtera

Writer and Director: Zornitsa Sophia


Official facebook page:

You Tub: Voevoda The Film



Theatrical box office hit in Bulgaria (national release from Jan 2017), Distributor LENTA;

World Premiere: 20th Shanghai International Film Festival, 18th June 2017;

International Premiere: 39th Moscow International Film Festival, 26th June 2017;

Croatian National Premiere: 64th Pula International Film Fetsival, 19th July 2017.

(more festivals TBA soon)



MQ Pictures Ltd., 28, Ekzarh Iosif Str, floor 6, apt. 18, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria,




  • IMDb-icon-1


Feature film

Lenght: 127 minutes

In Color

Language: Bulgarian

Country of Production: Bulgaria

Country of co-production: Croatia

Subtitles: English, burn in the pictures. Others available, please ask.

Screening Format: DCP

Ratio: Cinemascope

Sound: Dolby Digital

Frames: 24 fpt

Shooting Format: Digital

Camera: Arri Alexa

Lences: Zeiss Ultra Prime

Shooting days: 33

Preproduction: 6 months

Available Promotional Materials: Teasers and Trailers - from 20sek to 1,50min, Behind The Scenes Videos, Posters, Banners.



  • 20th Shanghai International Film Festival - SPECTRUM – World Premiere

  • 39th Moscow International Film Festival– SPECIAL SCREENINGS – International Premiere

  • 67th Pula International Film Festival– COMPETITION – Croatian Premiere

  • 25th Raindance Independent Film Festival – UK Premiere

  • 35th Bulgarian Film Festival Golden Rose – COMPETITION

  • CINEQUEST International Film Festival – COMPETITION – US Premiere

  • Nomination for Best Film – NOVA Cinema and TV Awards

  • Nomination for Best actress Zornitsa Sophia - NOVA Cinema and TV Awards

  • Nomination for Best actor Valeri Yordanov - NOVA Cinema and TV Awards

  • Nomination for Best actor Goran Gunchev - NOVA Cinema and TV Awards

  • Nomination for Rising Star for Niki Amrita Nikolay - NOVA Cinema and TV Awards

  • 22nd Sofia International Film Festival – BG COMPETITION

  • 25th Sguardi Altrove International Women’s Film Festival, Milan, Italy – along with the participation of the director in Round Table about the women directors and the Bulgarian Cinema in the quarters of the European Parliament in Milan.

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