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FOCUS: Bulgarian § Balkan films, Russian & Regional films and films from exotic cinematographies.

ASSETS: The Team who developed and realized the communication strategy and the advertising campaign of 4 Bulgarian films, among which is VOEVODA, recently a box office hit. The Team works with long-term partnerships and  extensive number of collaborators in all media.

B PLAN MEANS that there is always a WAY.


First, we intend to give an alternative chance for Bulgarian films that are not selected for distribution by the larger distributors and make a Way for them to the audience through a clever communication and marketing strategy, involving media partnerships, unique and specific premiere and press-screening and PR strategy.


Secondly, we want to give a chance to Balkan, Regional and Russian films and ideally for films from unknown cinematoraphies. Bulgarians traditionally have a heart for Russian, Serbian and "brother’s" films, unfortunately in the past years those films are continuously neglected by the main cinema distributors in Bulgaria. According to the results in the free movie platforms, the Serbian and Russian films, along with the old Bulgarian classics are the constant hit. Using personal contacts with Authors from the Region, we plan to fill this niche and again through a skillful campaign to return to the viewers what they love.


As a production and service company working for 15 years already we relly only on long-term Partnerships casted in the battlefield of many film productions. We are interested in extending those partnerships in the distribution and develop new ones in the same manner. This includes cinema owners, media partners and crew.


To all our partners, we propose to include their company name/ logo in all the relative communication to a proportion and visibility that suits both parties. Most of our Partners and Crew are returning ones, which speaks for the joy we all have in making films and delivering them to the audience.


comming soon...

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